Alec Cort

Wellness in requires a healthy mind, body and soul. It would be my great 
privilege to help you meet your fitness goals. I am qualified to help 
you establish a fitness regimen that includes cardiovascular, anaerobic, 
resistance training and proper nutrition. We will find what works best 
for YOU.

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Phone: (615) 969-1876

Personal Trainer

Amy Beth Hall

My name is Amy Beth Hall and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and 
Weight Loss Coach. I hold certifications in sports nutrition and am 
currently working on a certification in Corrective Exercise to be 
completed October of 2018. I got my start after losing 166 pounds and 
discovering my own love of fitness and health. I was always overweight, 
even as a child and decided in 2014 that I wanted to change my own life. 
In the past 4 years, I have devoted my life to helping others find the 
path to health and fitness. I offer personal one on one training 
sessions, group fitness sessions, customized Nutrition Plans, 
personalized meal plans, meal planning classes, and accountability to my 
clients to keep them on track in reaching their goals. I can be 
contacted at 615-479-7344 or via email at

Phone: 615-479-7344

Personal Trainer

Andy Eggleston

I am certified 200+ hour through Yoga Alliance, Primary Group Exercise 
teacher thru AFAA, and Silver Sneakers. I enjoy teaching and helping 
others gain better mobility, strength and flexibility.


(Mar 29, 2017; Nashville, TN, USA: Nancye and Andrew Eggleston, fitness 
contractors, working with mature, over-fifty clients.
Mandatory Credit ® 2017 Karen Hulsey)

Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Hatha Yoga Class Instructor

Ann Piarrot

Life long committed “Gym Freak”. I started with Jazzercise in the 1980’s 
and realized I absolutely loved group fitness classes. I joined HFC 
about 18 years ago and became a group fitness instructor 10 years ago. 
My real jobs are owning a popular dive bar called The Village Tavern and 
operating a short-term rental property in Donelson, but my favorite job 
is being an instructor! So, the excuse of not having enough time doesn’t 
really work for me!

Step Class Class Instructor

Barry Eldridge

I have worked out all of my life. When the water aerobics started 4 
years ago, they said it wouldn't last 3 months. We are now in our 5th 
year and growing with members. Come join the "Pot Belly Crew" for fun, 
exercise, and comradery.

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Water Aerobics

Criss Jontz

I've been a Zumba instructor here for as long as I can remember. It's 
turned into more of a hobby than a job! After seeing the impact of being 
able to teach people to how to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle 
through Zumba a couple of days a week - I wanted to use my experience as 
a personal trainer and touch more lives out there with the gift that 
keeps on giving: Good health! When I'm not teaching I am working my 
other job or babysitting not one but two grandbabies. I know how to 
manage a busy and fit lifestyle because I do it every day. I have 
literally been there and done that! So, rather you need a little pick me 
up after work or a long day at one of my afternoon Zumba classes, 
training in the gym or at home, or just a friend on the same fitness 
journey as you – My contact information is down below. I look forward to 
hearing from you!

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Phone: (615) 428-7180
Youtube: cjontzzfit

Personal Trainer & Zumba Fitness and Zumba Toning Class Instructor

Devon Butrum

I graduated from UT Knoxville and found myself working out at Hermitage 
Fitness Center during summer break and fell in love with the place and 
the people. So much so that I eventually snatched a job as a sales and 
marketing rep! I get the word out about Hermitage Fitness Center and 
reel potential prospects in for not only an overall beneficial 
membership, but a long-lasting position in a family owned gym where we 
strive to make everyone feel like the gym is there home away from home. 
I’m proud to be an HFC-er, come and join me! Contact me with any sales 

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Sales & Marketing

Dima Sbenaty

I am absolutely in love with the, energy, challenge, and unity of group 
fitness. I have taught various group fitness classes including TRX, 
indoor cycling, HIIT, boot camp, Zumba and Aqua Zumba since 2013. I am 
passionate about encouraging and empowering those around me to live a 
healthy and wholesome lifestyle with purpose.  We create the essence of 
that lifestyle when we honor the body with nourishment, draw peace into 
our mind and heart, and allow its mechanics to physically function in 
the amazing ways it can. In my classes, you will learn to experience a 
mind and body connection that will lift your spirit...and your heart 

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Instagram: dima.freesyria

Water Aerobics

Ginny Brown

"I have been in the personal training business going on 2 decades. I 
grew up around sports my entire life. My father and uncle are hall of 
famers, so I have learned from some of the best in athletic training. I 
played basketball, softball, soccer, and track throughout my youth. As I 
grew, I found my sport to be basketball as I received a full scholarship 
to GA State University where I studied sociology and kinesiology. During 
my time in Atlanta, I was able to work with our strength and 
conditioning coach as well as work with other high schools, colleges, 
and professional athletes in the Atlanta area.

I have worked with numerous types of clients (needing to lose weight, 
gain weight, stroke patients, athletes, rehab patients) of all ages 
throughout my career. I have studied/studying 4+ years of physical 
therapy - which gives clients the comfort knowing that when they are 
released from rehab, the comfort and care will continue.

Before moving to Nashville, I was working with 84 clients from the ages 
of 17-97. I am also certified as FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), and 
WFS (Womens Fitness Specialist) where I am able to help each client with 
their nutrition and give proper guidelines for a food plan to help each 
client and their specific needs."

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(205) 447 - 9576

Personal Trainer

Jeff Gaines

"For starters, I was fortunate enough to get my start and training under 
the guidance of E.J. Doc Kreis who was head strength and conditioning 
coach at MTSU, Vanderbilt, Colorado, and UCLA - I learned from the best 
on how to train collegiate and professional athletes. My first job as a 
trainer was working with a couple of women Vanderbilt swimmers who 
wanted to develop lean muscle mass to help their performance in the 
water. 21 years later I am still training anyone who wants to change 
their lifestyle and feel better about themselves. I truly care about 
each client and helping them achieve their goals, or just good quality 
of life. I'm a 'show me, don't tell me' type of trainer and I do this so 
all of my clients can learn proper form and technique."

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(615) 202 - 8949

Personal Trainer

J.C. Atkinson

I’m the one who keeps the gym as clean as possible at Hermitage Fitness. 
You’ll probably hear me before you see me because I talk to anybody and 
everybody. I should be a greeter at the front desk – I’m in the wrong 
profession! Especially football! If you like football, then you’re going 
to LOVE me. Let’s just hope we like the same teams.

Gym Maintance

Melanie Stepp

I am married and have a grown son. I have been teaching at Hermitage 
Fitness Center for 20 years and I often refer to myself as the Carol 
Burnet of Aerobics. My classes always have room for more! Come and join 

Step, Total Body, and Cardio Attack Class Instructor

Mike & Leanne Terry

Yes! A husband and wife personal training team (but we work with clients independently). We both reached a point in our lives where we wanted to lose weight and regain our health. In the process we've both
become stronger, more fit and excited about helping others do the same. Now we're both certified personal trainers and ready to help you meet your personal health goals. Remember, you're never too old to
feel years younger!

Mike@ReActive.Fitness 615-973-6668
Leanne@ReActive.Fitness 615-973-6667

Personal Trainer

Nancye Eggleston

I am certified Primary Group Exercise teacher thru AFAA, Spinning 
through Mad Dogg Athletics, Zumba and Silver Sneakers. I enjoy teaching 
and leading group exercise classes at HFC by encouraging others and 
motivating them to have fun through exercise.

Facebook Link

(Mar 29, 2017; Nashville, TN, USA: Nancye and Andrew Eggleston, fitness 
contractors, working with mature, over-fifty clients.
Mandatory Credit ® 2017 Karen Hulsey)

Cycling and Zumba Sentao Class Instructor

Sophia Riddell

I have been an instructor at HFC for 23 years. My hobbies are boating, 
camping, and raising chickens. I have loved being in the fitness 
industry for most of my adult life. Very happy to be a member of the HFC 

Water Aerobics Class Instructor

Traci Miller

Traci is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer who also teaches cardio 
boxing and boot camps. A member of Hermitage Fitness since 2017, Traci 
loves the self-esteem boost her clients get when they lose weight, get 
fit and accomplish things they thought they couldn't.

Although she calls Nashville home (she's been here for 10 years), Traci 
is a Jayhawk at heart, born in Kansas and a graduate of the University 
of Kansas. When she's not in the gym, Traci can be found with her 
friends at movies or concerts, or just hanging out with her dog, Sadie.

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Phone: (615) 972-9507

Personal Trainer, Cardio Boxing, and Boot camp Class  Instructor

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