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Your friends at Hermitage Fitness Center are happy to bring
  you these two helpful articles and  a quick note from the owners...
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            Personal fitness training works 77% faster,

 while other methods like (going to the gym, going to group classes, working out at in your home - alone) take a long time to see results. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is the motivation factor. Your personal trainer devotes full attention to you during the entire workout and encouraging your best effort. There is a feeling of being monitored by the trainer, as the workout routine is carefully recorded and progress is noted. It's easier to reach your goals and you'll miss fewer workouts when you have a coach, rather than trying yo do it on your own.
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Don't Wait for the New Year! 
Schedule your complimentary fitness assessment with one of our Certified Personal Trainers today!  

At Hermitage Fitness we take a thoughtful approach to fitness
with true customization designed around your lifestyle, goals and
current fitness level.

Let’s work together to create a truly customized, personalized, realistic
and doable life long approach to fitness and wellness as part of your daily routine!

We have a nice variety of exercises that meets all of our members needs.
Our staff is here to guide you through your exercises while teaching proper form, adding
variety and keeping you interested. Advantage... you see results quicker, never get
bored and stop wasting time in the gym; all in a fun filled and friendly environment.

At Hermitage Fitnessyou'll never have to worry about being
embarrassed by where you start. We are here to assist you, keep you motivated and
make you our next success story. Our goal is to help every member

In no time at all you'll feel more energetic, develop a healthier heart and
improve muscular flexibility and strength. You'll feel and look better than ever before
because you came to
Hermitage Fitness.
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Meet Our Member Success Story - Jeff

Its fun. Its a retreat! Its very clean and inviting inside.
My PT's workouts are fun! Almost a guilty pleasure :)
It's personalized, caring, 'can do' attitude of staff, sensitivity
I do only personal training
and I love it.

"I can't imagine my life without the mental and physical benefits working out brings.  Hermitage Fitness has been my gym for 22 years...it's home!  Try working out for a month here and see what a difference it makes in the quality of your life!"

Diane Flowers,
Dental Hygienist, wife and mother, and long time member!

Unique, great for boomers and seniors, professional, calm, friendly, supportive, upbeat, inspiring atmosphere, affordable

It is the most fair priced and most caring staff that will help you @ every turn to make the most of your time with them. Carole love ya!!!!!!!
I think the owners are great.
Wonderful place. Nice people and a great place to get results.   
I do enjoy the energetic atmosphere and also the minimum crowding at the time I exercise. The atmosphere is friendly
and welcoming.

I am very pleased to come to work out and not feel any pressure to be anything other than myself.

No body builders running
around me so that
I feel weak.

  The staff always tells me to do what I can and does not make me feel like less of a person.

great concept to have older age group. caring staff is the best.

I think this is one of the best health and wellness studios I have ever seen. In the helping department it couldn't be better. I recommend you to all my friends as the last answer to all of their health and wellness needs. Carole

I love the atmosphere, it is such a comfortable, accepting, welcoming place!


Hermitage Fitness Center  3924 Lebanon Rd. • Hermitage, TN 37076
Phone: (615) 889-4491


Email: info@HermitageFitness.com

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